Qatar International Ice Hockey League

Coolest Game in the Desert QIIHL

Started in 2003 by Canadians expats, with help from staff of the Qatari branch of Newfoundland’s College of the North Atlantic, the domestic league has more than 130 members playing on nine teams across three divisions. The national team, the Oryx, plays in the league to learn and improve against a high level of competition.

The league welcomes players of all levels. The A divion consists of players ranging from semi-pro to former high school anf college players.

The B divion is made up of the Qatar Oryx national team and ex-pat players ranging from pretty good old guys to players new to the game.

And yes, females are most welcome. Historically, there have been about 20 females but right now (2019) we are waiting on our next recruits.

Though not under the QIIHL umbrella, Qatar has a thriving minor hokey program as well.

Our Mission

It is the goal of the QIIHL to make your hockey experience the best that it can be. We are striving to have a fun, recreational league while providing participants with the competitive flare that only an organized game can provide.

Our Vision

We are committed to growing and sharing our game in the Land of Sand. One day we would love to see Qatar compete in a high level international event.

QIIHL Executive


Jeff Agnew


John McMahon


Dave Lee


Thomas Doucet

Goalie Manager